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The different appliances used at home helps homeowners run the household chores smoothly. In case of an appliance failure, things could get worse especially because you have to do the chores by hand, taking more time and becomes tiresome. At QuickHand Appliance Repair Services, we repair all none working appliances. Serving Compton and its environs, we also install and perform general maintenance of household appliances making sure they run smoothly. Therefore, if you are experiencing the poor performance of your household appliances, QuickHand Appliance Repair Services is the trusted appliance servicing and repair company in Compton.
QuickHand Appliance Repair Services employs appliance repair technicians who have been taken through thorough appliance repair training. This is in order to make sure that we are able to service all different appliance brands. Working with factory-authorized technicians, we are able to provide our customers great service. To make sure that your home use appliance does not disappoint you, we recommend regular maintenance routine. At QuickHand Appliance Repair Services, we will be readily available to assist you when you require regular appliance maintenance, repair, and installation of appliances. To schedule for Appliance repair service, dial (562)203-1619. Here are the services we provide.

Our Services

Gas Dryer Repair

Having a malfunctioned gas dryer can be tough, especially when you have to do laundry in winter. Let professional gas dryer repair technicians at QuickHand Appliance Repair Services help you bring back the dryer to working condition. We have genuine replacement parts to use in case your dryer has one malfunctioned component. The service is readily available and our mobile team will come to your home, providing you extra convenience. We have the ability to service all makes and models of the gas dryers used at commercial dry cleaning shops or residential use dryers.

Gas Dryer Repair
Refrigerator and Freezer Repair

Refrigerator and Freezer Repair Services in Compton

With the busy life we are living today, you definitely know that your home requires a refrigerator and a freezer. However, a poorly functioning refrigerator or freezer can result, losses especially when stored food is rotten. In addition, when the refrigerator is not cooling your food, it might be using more power resulting in higher utility bills. To avoid falling into these problems, hire a professional refrigerator and freezer repair technician. QuickHand Appliance Repair Services provides you a qualified appliance repair technician for your refrigerator and freezer. Talk to us today and we shall be glad to serve you.

Microwave Repair

The microwave is also another important appliance, letting you warm or cook food within just a few minutes. Therefore, the microwave is one of the appliances most households depend on especially when one wants to quickly grab something and hit the road. A none-functional microwave feels like the worst nightmare one could experience. QuickHand Appliance Repair Services takes off the stress that comes with a faulty microwave. Even when your microwave is making a non-pleasant sound, talk to us for immediate assistance.

Microwave Repair
Oven Repair Services

Oven Repair Services Compton

When it comes to convenience in the modern kitchen, the oven, stove and your range play a significant role. However, in case of oven breakdown, you experience a serious inconvenience especially when you do not have an alternative appliance to bake with. At QuickHand Appliance Repair Services, we assist you to repair the oven when it has broken down. Therefore, talk to our experts today and schedule a service for the oven repair. We provide original replacement parts that can be used in case one of the components has broken down, hence causing trouble with the whole oven.

Garbage Disposal Repair

The garbage disposal component is more than just a convenience appliance. It helps to keep the waste food out of the landfills hence keeping the environment clean. When the garbage disposal does not work, talk to QuickHand Appliance Repair Services for a quick repair. At QuickHand Appliance Repair Services, we provide our customers the best appliance repair and we shall ensure garbage disposal unit is operational.

Garbage Disposal Repair
Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my refrigerator make s a strange noise?
This could be a warning that the refrigerator is going to fail soon. To avoid getting into such a scenario, it is advisable that you talk to a qualified technician for the refrigerator repair.
My Garbage disposal unit is blocked. What do I do?
Blocked garbage disposal is the worst issue to experience because it inconveniences the homeowner and the neighbors as well. This is because of the bad odor emanating from inside there. Therefore, you need a qualified appliance repair technician to assist unblock the unit and provide a lasting solution to avoid such incident in the future.
The Washer is no longer responding to commands but seems to be on
The power supply is working, but the control board is what could be causing the trouble. Do not attempt to check it yourself as this might cause more trouble. Talk to QuickHand Appliance Repair Services and a qualified technician will assist you.


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